4 Key Considerations When Looking To Buy Stock Footage From Photography Websites

According to statistics, the stock footage business is a billion-dollar industry. This growth is attributable to the explosion of royalty free stock footage demand. Consequently, multiple stock footage sites have come up to cater to this demand. These sites offer the ability to upload and download stock footage in a matter of minutes and make them instantly available to directors and producers who are searching out for this type of content for their projects. Most producers prefer stock footage because they feel it’s financially responsible just to buy a stock footage than to assemble a crew to take the footage. That said, here are specific things to know before buying royalty free stock footage:

  1. Choose royalty free stock footage over other options when buying footage from photography websites

Royalty free stock footage is advantageous because it doesn’t restrict you to the location or number of projects to utilize the footage. As long as you’ve paid the one-off license fee, you are free to use the footage in multiple projects and locations without having to pay an extra fee.

  1. Buy stock footage from a high-resolution source or photography websites

Quality is what every stock footage buyer looks at first. Some photography websites that sell stock footage promise to offer multiple video formats, but in actuality, they are converted from one main native source. Make a point to determine the stock footage source. A stock footage converted from a main native source may not be top quality. Always get your stock footage from a high-resolution source.

  1. Ensure the stock footage has a compression code before you buy from photography websites

Most stock photos are purchased online through downloads. Downloading a stock footage can impact its quality and manageability. This is why a compression code is required to keep the file manageable while maintaining its quality.

  1. Ensure the stock footage you buy comes along with a model release

Some stock footage tends to capture familiar faces. If that’s so for your chosen image for commercial use, ensure it’s accompanied by a model release. Ideally, a model release is a kind of document where the familiar or recognizable figure in the footage signs to allow you to utilize the footage commercially. The same goes for the property. If your chosen image contains recognizable property, it must come along with a signed property release document.

There are other things to look out for when buying stock footage. But the ones outlined above are must-haves if you want to use stock footage commercially without a fuss.

Advantages of Using a Website Builder To Create Photography Websites

Many photography website owners now turn to website builders to create their online platforms. Website builders let you build out your site with zero coding knowledge. Ideally, a website builder allows you to select from a number of photography website templates, incorporate your logo, include vital information relative to your site by a simple act of drag and drop. And, your photography website is up and running in a matter of minutes. The advantages of choosing website builders over a custom design websites are outlined below:

  1. A website builder offers a cheaper alternative to creating a website to sell images for commercial use.

Hiring a professional web designer to build out a custom design website will cost you an arm and a leg. Specifically, it will cost you around $6,000 to $15,000 to design and develop a custom design website, including custom plugins. A website builder will only cost a fraction of that amount, and your website will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

  1. You don’t require extensive coding knowledge to set up photography websites

Website builders come with all the scripts and HTML built inside them, which means you’re not obliged to write it. With a custom design website, you must have an in-depth coding knowledge to be able to create it. A simple omission of a character or space always returns an error, which is why most people just hire an expert web designer to alleviate the hassle. You can save valuable time and aggregation by using a website builder.

  1. Easy to customize or tweak your photography websites

A web builder enables you to customize your web pages and tweak and finesse your content easily. Unlike custom design website, you don’t need to write a code whenever you want to change something on your website. This aspect offers a whole lot of convenience.

  1. Website builders have high aesthetic value to enhance your photography websites’ customer experience.

One of the basic requirements of any photography website is the visual appeal.  Visual appeal keeps the customers on the site and enhances their buying experience. When creating a custom design website, a web designer will need graphic design skills, on top of coding knowledge, to be able to give your site the required visual appeal. This can be costly. Website builders come along with scintillating graphic abilities. You can easily use online software to customize your site’s visual appearance to your taste.

  1. Website builders are user-friendly for customers buying images for commercial use

The goal of a photography website is to enable a customer to make purchases easily and effortlessly. So your site needs to be easy to navigate. A one or two button click should enable a customer to find what they want. A sophisticated website will cause customers to bounce off your site.

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